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Assessment and Reserve Funding Disclosure Worksheet

Please complete this worksheet after adopting a reserve funding plan for the year stated in #2 below. Per California Civil Code Section 5560, a reserve funding plan must be adopted by the board of directors at an open meeting before the membership. The Reserve Study that this worksheet is based on will be deemed final upon receipt of the completed worksheet. Any subsequent adjustments to the Reserve Study will constitute a revision, necessitate a revised disclosure form, and be subject to a fee. Email to, or fax / mail to the address below. The disclosure form will be sent to you within 1-2 days and it should be distributed with your budget package. If assessments are variable, attach a schedule to completed disclosure form (not this worksheet).

1. Name of Assocation:
2. Calendar / fiscal year the disclosure form is for: through
3. Budgeted total monthly assessment (during perioted noted in #2 above):
4. Budgeted reserve monthly transfer (during perioted noted in #2 above):
5. Special assessments that have been approved by the board and/or members:
Date of Assessment Due Date Description Amount per unit (average)
6. Submitted by: Phone: Date: